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Cost of Business in Georgia

Lower costs give you a competitive edge

“When we made the decision to move to Atlanta, we did it for our people and the future of our business. The benefits continue to pay dividends for UPSers and for the company.”

Myron Williams, Sales Operations President of UPS

When you choose a location for your business, you’re investing in more than just your company–you’re also investing in the community. Invest with confidence in Georgia, knowing that your return will be supported by our state’s affordability and financial stability.

  • #1 State for Business
  • Low cost of doing business among major metros
  • Pro-business regulatory environment

Atlanta’s moderate office rents, labor costs and other business expenses offer a distinct competitive advantage to local companies, whether they do business in the U.S. or abroad. These costs are often lower in metro Atlanta than in other major U.S. markets.


Cost of Doing Business Index (U.S.=100)

Moody's Economy


State for Business, 9th Year in a row

Area Development magazine

Friendly Regulatory Environment

Georgia's friendly tax structure and below average operating costs coupled with the other incentives make it attractive to companies. Labor laws and other relevant business regulations are not more stringent than federal requirements, benefiting corporate headquarters.


Corporate Income Tax Rate


Personal Income Tax Rate

The state's corporate income tax is among the lowest in the nation and is based on a single-factor apportionment weighted solely on sales receipts in Georgia. Local taxes are confined to sales and use and ad valorem property taxes. Furthermore, no Georgia municipality can charge a local income tax.

Additionally, a variety of tax reduction programs and business incentives are available to companies that relocate to or expand in Georgia.