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Value. It's a promise.
Reliability. Flip the switch and the light turns on.
Service. Southern hospitality from Georgia Power.
Stewardship. Taking care of the state we call home.

Energy to lead

Georgia Power is our state’s largest utility, proudly serving more than 2.5 million fellow Georgians with safe, clean, affordable and reliable electricity every day. The Georgia Power corporate headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, but our reach goes well beyond the city limits. We power more than 315,000 businesses and industries in 155 of Georgia’s 159 counties. The Georgia Power team is 7,000 employees strong, living and working in communities all over Georgia. Our goal as a company is to take care of those communities - because every town is our hometown.

Partners for your success

If your company needs a reliable source of energy that helps with your bottom line, you can count on Georgia Power to deliver. With almost 15,300 MW of generating capacity, representing a diverse mix of fuel sources, we’ll help your business stay ahead of the competition by connecting you to an abundant network of affordable power. If your operations require a lot of energy, we’ve designed systems for high-density loads that include:

  • Network Power Distribution Systems
  • Several Levels of Redundancy

Adding to the already-low operating costs in Georgia, we offer rates below the national average with pricing programs to meet the changing needs of your business as it grows.

  • Marginally Priced Rates
  • Real-Time Pricing Options

Competitive choices

If your business will be building a new facility and expect to have a connected load of 900 kilowatts (kW) or more, you may get to choose your electric provider. Get in touch with one of our business recruitment specialists to learn more about Georgia’s Customer Choice process.

Clean energy solutions

Georgia Power is on the forefront of cutting-edge research related to clean energy. We stay focused on balancing environmental efficiency with our commitment to meeting the changing energy needs of our customers and offer energy solutions that stay clean, safe, reliable and affordable. Our current mix of energy sources includes hydro, solar and wind. Some of our recent developments in solar include:

  • Three 30 MW solar plants at Fort Benning, Stewart and Gordon
  • First Wholesale Solar Generation Project in Dalton, Georgia
  • Up to 500 New Solar Projects Through Our “Advanced Solar Initiative”

A powerful network

Georgia Power is also the largest electric utility in the Southern Company family. America’s premier company, Southern Company (NYSE: SO) has 46,000 MW of generating capacity and 1,500 billion cubic feet of combined natural gas consumption and throughput volume. They serve 9 million customers through subsidiaries, including Georgia Power.

  • Electric Operating Companies in Four States
  • Natural Gas Distribution Companies in Seven States
  • Competitive Wholesale Generation Company
  • Fiber Optics and Wireless Communications