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Engineering Solutions

"We take engineering to a whole new level - combining it with creativity, analytical thinking and artistry."

- Ricardo Palacios, Engineering Supervisor, Georgia Power Community & Economic Development

Design Your Future

Ready to see what your future could look like in Georgia? Reach out to one of our Business Recruitment Managers or Community Development Managers to engage your Georgia Power team, including engineering solutions.

Find a home for your growing business

There are almost 700 commercial and industrial tracts of land and thousands of existing buildings in Georgia. Our team is here to help you determine which one is just right for your growing business. Our engineers partner with your business recruitment manager or community development manager to leverage our statewide database and on-the-ground experience to find a new home for your business that meets all of your requirements. Our team maintains more than 200 attributes for each tract of land or existing building in our database, giving you insights that include:

  • Topographic data
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Transportation infrastructure

Transform your vision into reality

Seeing is believing, and that’s why our engineering team uses site analysis tools and visualization technologies in new ways to help companies and communities see their ideas come to life. Through drone video, 3D modeling and interactive maps, you can tour industrial parks or potential building layouts – based on your specifications – from the closest computer.

Engineering Rendering

And when you’re ready to put boots on the ground and visit potential sites, our engineers can provide conceptual site layouts that help you understand how to maximize each and every acre to its fullest potential, including preliminary information related to:

  • Wetlands and flood zones
  • Ingress and egress layouts
  • Internal circulation layouts
  • Utility and support service locations
  • Earthwork calculations
  • Parking analysis
  • Land development estimates

Partnering with communities for growth

Community leaders can partner with our community development managers and the engineering solutions team to help determine “what’s next” for future development and land acquisitions. We use cutting-edge tools and the latest research technologies to help identify tracts of land with the most potential for development.

Once land has been identified, our engineering team works alongside community leaders to develop conceptual park plans that match up with their target industries and the latest market conditions. These preliminary plans help communities visualize the potential growth and future success of the property. Our engineering team provides 3D visualizations and aerial flyovers, as well as conceptual layouts for:

  • Industrial parks
  • Rail access
  • Industrial facilities