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Rural Georgia

Investing in our small towns to guarantee their prominent place in Georgia's future

Champions of Change

We are champions of our rural communities and the creators, makers, and tinkers that call them home. We are passionate about sparking meaningful investments, generating exceptional value, and disrupting the status-quo in our small towns.

Our rural development model is built on efficient, sustainable, and transformational change – distinct segments along the innovation continuum. 

From Bainbridge to Blue Ridge, Dublin to Dahlonega, we partner with our communities to leverage existing assets and to tap into new ones. We encourage the pursuit of home-grown wins with hopes of attracting new business investments down the road. We provide technical expertise and strategic planning services to develop solutions.

Together with local leaders, we are helping build viable communities with futures we can all be proud of.

Rural Refresh


Rural Counties (50k residents or fewer)


Rural Georgians


Annual Job Growth (U.S.: 1.3%)

Rural Transformation

Georgians are leading the way in transforming their towns. And our team stands ready to help.

We partner with communities as they embrace the future – globalization, automation, innovation. We provide insights and resources to power inclusive economic prosperity and sustainable solutions for talent development/retention, education, healthcare, and job growth.

Read on to learn how small towns are revitalizing, reenergizing and redeveloping their greatest assets.

Hometown Heroes

Georgia is peppered with determination and grit – from fifth generation farmers to aerospace engineers. Home to natural resources, diverse dreamers and tomorrow’s CEOs. And we’re here to spotlight the work of these local gamechangers.

Georgia's "Hometown Heroes" are committed leaders and citizens driving positive change in rural communities.

Know a hometown hero in your community? Share this hero's name with us for a chance to be featured.

Have a BIG idea?

Let’s unlock rural Georgia's potential. Together. Reach out to our team of experts to kick-start the conversation.