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Research Solutions

Turn Powerful Data Into Incredible Opportunity

“You’ll get customized, data-driven information that meets your unique research needs from our team.”

- Tracey Ussery, Research Solutions Team Leader, Georgia Power Community & Economic Development

Make timely decisions with confidence

When it’s time to grow your business or your community, our team of research experts will provide the latest information about the things that matter most when you’re making decisions about the future. They’ll deliver actionable insights based on your specific needs, using analysis that includes:

  • Supply and demand workforce analysis
  • Detailed demographics
  • City and state comparisons
  • Industry, market and supplier evaluations
  • Economic outlooks

Connect data, expertise and technology in new ways

Experience the story that the data is conveying through our team’s innovative data visualization technologies. We communicate the results of sophisticated data in ways that are simple to understand and act upon. Our team’s combination of expertise and imagination result in interactive data stories that bring numbers to life.

Get to know Georgia’s industries

For a thorough, up-to-date look at the talent and companies that call Georgia home, browse through the series of publications produced by our Research Solutions team. The 35+ publications are update annually and are known as the “go-to” source for information across industries. The most recent publications include:

Are you interested in a data-driven look at what Georgia has to offer? Reach out to one of our Business Recruitment Managers or Community Development Managers to engage your Georgia Power team, including Research Solutions.