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Talent is a Renewable Resource in Georgia

"Atlanta has some of the best tech talent in the world."

- Stephen Gold, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell's Connected Enterprise

As you search for the prime location for your business, we already know what's on the top of your list- access to a dependable pipeline of talent. Finding the right employees will determine where your company goes from here. Georgia's collaborative approach to workforce development sets our state apart from the rest, and gives you the head start you need for staffing your business. State-sponsored training facilities, top-notch educational programs, and nationally-ranked colleges and universities provide Georgia businesses with people who take their new roles- and your company, to the next level of success.

High quality education brightens futures

Georgia's top-ranked education system turns talent into a renewable resource. Georgia's colleges and universities train and educate almost 540,000 enrolled students a year for future skilled and professional jobs. Did we mention that Georgia is ranked as one of the top pipelines of engineering talent in the country? The HOPE scholarship and its far-reaching impact proves the state's commitment to increasing the caliber of education available in Georgia. We don't just attract talent--we also grow our own.

Skilled trades take Georgians far

In Georgia, you'll find partners who are ready and able to help you find the employees you need now and in the future. Companies like Augusta's Textron, the world's largest sport-vehicle manufacturer, work with their local school system and community leaders to create an innovative program that will ensure their talent pipeline is full for years to come. Textron's workforce development program, RPM (Reaching Potential through Manufacturing), employs at-risk high school students and trains them to do real jobs while also completing their high school curriculum. Leadership at Textron, the students in the program, and their families all agree that this pipeline to a brighter future is a win-win for everyone involved. More and more companies around the state are implementing training programs like RPM in order to create a stronger pipeline of talent and increase the quality of life in their communities.

Georgia's Technical College system is another vital resource to our state's diverse workforce. Throughout the state, these facilities are training and certifying students in relevant and in-demand trade skills. The economic development offices at each technical college ensure their local companies have the customized training they need to keep their employees’ skills up-to-date and cutting-edge.

Georgia Quick Start is the state’s signature, customized for companies across numerous industries. The oldest program of its kind in the U.S., Quick Start has updated the skillsets of more than 1 million employees. This internationally acclaimed workforce training program is a great asset!

A growing pipeline of talent

The workforce in Georgia is plentiful, fueled by in-migration and a young population. The state’s population grew by 106,000 between 2018 and 2019 – the fifth-largest surge in the nation, according to data collected and analyzed by the U.S. Census Bureau. More population equals more talent, spread across a diverse set of industries and skills sets.

Learn more about our state's impactful education initiatives.