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Rural Reimagined Workshop

Entrepreneurship Lite: One-Day Workshops on Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development

As our rural communities prepare to embrace the future – globalization, automation, and evolving demographics – we must consider a comprehensive and inclusive growth approach that extends beyond industrial recruitment.

That’s why we are launching Entrepreneurship Lite, one-day workshops that will explore how rural communities can enhance their entrepreneurship and small business support systems. The spring workshops were a success and we look forward to planning the next event!

Workshop Objectives

Entrepreneurship lite workshops will energize your community's efforts in developing an impactful entrepreneurship and small business strategy. You will hear relevant content from subject matter expert Matt Wagner, Ph.D., Chief Program Officer at Main Street America, and engage in collaborative activities with other attendees. You will also have the chance to interact with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and service providers directly. Key objectives include:

  • Understand the process for developing an entrepreneurial and small business support system focused on commercial district revitalization.
  • Identify key entrepreneurship and small business development assets and gaps in your support system.
  • Determine how to leverage partnerships to close support system gaps and to create entrepreneurship and small business development pipelines.
  • Align your support system with market-based commercial district management strategies.
  • Pinpoint your role on a holistic basis in leading community transformation.


We encourage multiple representatives from your community to participate. This will be helpful as you complete various "community audit" exercises related to support system assets and gaps.

Day-Of Details

  • Business casual attire
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided

Entrepreneurship Lite March 22