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Workforce Analytics

Georgia's Workforce Analytics tool

Whether making critical decisions about new facility locations or working through strategic planning for a community's future, understanding workforce characteristics is imperative. Our research team specializes in defining talent draw areas, analyzing the existing workforce, identifying pipelines of talent and compiling existing employers. These elements help gauge workforce viability and provide a sound decision-making foundation for our customers. Here are some examples:

Exploring Talent Assets Interactively

Our research team supplies customers with the tools they need to thoroughly explore workforce options through interactive mapping. From specific occupational data by zip code to educational assets and employers, interactive customized web maps provide a comprehensive picture of talent availability.

Workforce Explorer: Critical Occupations and Local Businesses, by Industry

In addition to custom web maps, customers have the opportunity to learn about talent in specific communities through our Workforce Explorer tool. Discover talent by standard geographies (county, MSA or Region) or define a customized draw area (radius or drive time). By selecting an industry and geography, customers have access to EMSI's workforce data based on applicable staffing patters along with a map and listing of companies. The generated tables are downloadable.

Connect with one of our Regional Economic Development Managers or Business Recruitment Directors to explore potential sites.