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Data Visualization and Story Telling

Our research team provides critical data that helps companies and communities make important business and strategic decisions. But the most important contribution is providing clarity and insight through data visualization tools such as ESRI StoryMaps and Tableau dashboards. Our team embraces new technologies to build upon our expertise and years of experience in economic and community development.

Story Telling Through Maps

Using ESRI StoryMaps to inform decision-making is one of our areas of expertise. Whether considering the state's technology industries or assessing the Millennial population in metro Atlanta, the dynamic duo of mapping and narrative provide a comprehensive and engaging opportunity for us to tell our story.

Millennials in Atlanta

When looking to locate in a specific community, employers want to know about workforce and specifically, the younger workforce. Here's what we found about Millennials in Atlanta, and why the city is one of the top destinations for young, educated workers.

Insights Through Visualization

Data sets can be unwieldly and confusing. Through data visualization tools, our team reveals the important insights big data often keeps hidden.

Foreign Investment in Georgia

Georgia is home to thousands of companies based outside the U.S. Our international company dashboard provides access to intelligence on companies located in Georgia communities. Company listings can be queried by standard geographies (county, metro area, state, region) or by customized geographies (radius or drive time). Also, results may be filtered by industry and/or home country.

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