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Be Bold in Georgia, USA

Creator Kevin Bongang showcases the spirit of Georgia in a bold & colorful design for SelectUSA

"I think anything can influence art as long as one stays true to something they like and what they want to create.”

-Kevin Bongang

The people and cultures that make Georgia are as diverse as the landscape. So when our team was brainstorming on the best way to tell the Georgia story at the upcoming Select USA Investment Summit, we turned to a creator that calls Georgia home.

SelectUSA postcard front

Multiservice Artist Kevin Bongang is a man of many talents and few words, allowing his art to speak for itself. When we enlisted Kevin to design our promotional material for this year’s SelectUSA, our only ask was that it was in his signature style and reflected the state we love.

Born in Cameroon, West Africa, and raised in Savannah, Georgia. Bongang studied at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). He acquired his BFA and M.F.A. (Illustration) in 2009 and 2013. There, he honed in on his signature style awash in bold, fun colors, swirling lines, and whimsical imagery. The result is organic, functional, and cohesive pieces of art.

Kevin and Britney Bongang pose on a basketball court he painted in Brunswick GA

On any day, you will find Kevin painting murals, creating graphics for commercial brands, and engaging in the coastal community he loves. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Britney, who also serves as his art representative.

The powerhouse duo has worked with major brands across the country. Some of our favorites are here in Georgia, including, Atlanta-based companies Spanx, Mellow Mushroom, MARTA, Jamba Juice, and the TPA Group.

4 Ways That Georgia Empowers Companies to Be Bold

When Kevin unveiled the design to our team, we all LOVED IT. His design was able to share without words the spirit of Georgia that empower companies to think differently and grow boldly. While Kevin's work needs no words, we wanted to expand on why his choice of imagery made us all go - yup, that's Georgia!

Select USA 1

# 1 Innovation

Select USA 2

#2 Transportation

Select USA 3

#3 Clean Energy

Georgia Power has served the community for over 100 years and has:

Select USA 4

#4 Quality of Life

  • Home to 7 national sports teams
  • #3 city for growth of women-owned businesses
  • #1 place for black-owned businesses
  • Over 3,000 international companies statewide
  • 63 State parks

Discover what all makes Georgia a wonderful place to live

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