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Marketing Team

Telling Georgia's Story

Within every city and town among Georgia’s 159 counties, there are endless stories that represent the comradery, perseverance and innovation that make our state amazing. Our Creative Marketing team helps craft and share those stories, so that companies across the country and around the world know there’s a community just right for them in Georgia. 

This team of creatives also design and produce the cutting-edge marketing tools and resources that our Economic Development team needs to promote our communities and create more opportunities for Georgians. 

Click here to share with us the topics that you'd like to learn more about or questions you have. Your feedback will help us plan a morning filled with lively discussion around the marketing challenges and opportunities important to supporting your community.

Does your community have a question about marketing for economic development?

Click here to request a virtual meeting with a marketer at C&ED to discuss a marketing challenge or goal. During the 60-minute meeting the time can be used to brainstorm appropriate marketing solutions.