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Select Georgia's Site Selection Tool Wins with Partners

We put our updated site selection tool to the test with some trusted partners, and the results are in.

One of the most crucial parts of our website is the custom site selection tool. We recently launched a fresh version, with lots of new features and updates. We invited a few friends to give the updated version a test-drive, and collected some of the feedback to share with you. If you are a community representative, a company looking for a home in Georgia, or a site selection specialist, check out what people are saying about how our site selection tool can help you in your Georgia property search.

Here's what users are saying:

  • I love that the results show incentives by location.
  • The millage rate information is really helpful!
  • This takes out an extra step- when searching for workforce, it automatically pulls the labor draw and unemployment rate.
  • This tool is a one-stop shop.
  • I really like the The "Top employers” feature.
  • The county search is very useful!
  • Thumbnail reporting is easy and customizable.
  • The tool is quick and easy to use.
  • This page is bookmarked on my computer!
  • The site selection tool is another example of a great partnership with Georgia Power.
  • Everything I might need to know is there: acreage, population, etc.
  • Sometimes databases are not in sync, this one is.
  • Likes that the new tool is intuitive
  • A must for anyone in the site selection process!
  • Helpful for rural areas and communities as well as urban centers.

Thank you to our test audience!

Andrew Carnes
Sr. Director of Economic Development, Partnership Gwinnett

Megan Wing
Project Manager, Technology & Life Science, Partnership Gwinnett

Deven Cason
Project Manager, Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Partnership Gwinnett

Bob Kosek​
Senior Project Manager, Metro Atlanta Chamber

Wylly Harrison
Director, LEAF Team, Georgia Department of Economic Development

Ready to start searching? You can find the property search tool here!

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