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Research Tool Spotlight: Labor Force Report

The final research tool we are highlighting is the Labor Force Report. This tool was created as a high-level overview of each community's total labor force, as well as unemployment. We wanted to host a place where a community can come pull this data with ease without having to navigate the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Department of Labor websites each month when new data is released. Now it is beautifully aggregated in one place for you and updated as soon as the latest data is available. And is now conveniently exportable to PDF! This search tool allows you to search as broad as by Georgia MSA and as detailed as entering a drive time or radius from a specific address.

This data has become more in demand in the wake of the global pandemic and due to unprecedented growth across Georgia. The impact of the pandemic is clear in the example snapshot of the Savannah MSA below, but more importantly, the more recent data shows the recovery across our communities. Understanding the size of your available labor force helps each community to understand their own identity, as well as prepare for future growth.