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Research Tool Spotlight: City Comparison


We're so excited to showcase the next in the series of research tools that Mike created - with the City Comparison tool, we're making it easier for potential prospects and communities to easily pull information about metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) around the nation. From there, they can get data and quickly see a comparison of what's going on from city to city. With this search, you can choose up to seven MSAs for comparison - and not just in Georgia, but throughout the United States. So, you select the MSAs you want to compare, and you'll be able to look at different demographics and information on labor force. The data is being pulled from around ten different sources, so instead of looking up each MSA, putting all of that into a spreadsheet and then creating a PDF, now it all just happens in one place.

Self-Service Tools To Strengthen Partnerships

One thing to keep in mind about the new data tools is that we've created them as a way to connect our communities and partners with our staff. The idea of self-service might imply that we're taking a step out of the communication process, but that was never the idea. The convenience of being able to pull a report on your own is great, but the goal is for that to be just a part of the process - the beginning of a bigger conversation and relationship.

Here's a snapshot of what you'll see when you try the tool for yourself:


Check out the brand-new City Comparison tool here, and feel free to contact us with any questions. We're here to help!