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Aerospace Manufacturing

Top-Ranked State for Aerospace

Why Georgia for Aerospace Manufacturing?

With a perfect combination of infrastructure, skilled workers, and a business-friendly environment across the state, it's easy to see why Georgia is consistently hailed as one of the best states for aerospace companies to operate. With industry leaders like Gulfstream Aerospace and Delta Airlines headquartered in Savannah and Atlanta, respectively, and being home to the world's busiest airport, hundreds of aerospace companies and suppliers have established operations in the state, making it one of the top destinations for any aerospace company.

Georgia's strengths:

  • The world's busiest airport
  • Home to industry leaders
  • Renowned workforce training programs and innovation centers
  • Excellent accessibility to market
  • Business-friendly environment
  • Highly-skilled workforce

Georgia Leads


Aerospace-Related Workers

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Jobs Created by Locations & Expansions

GPC C&ED 2017 - 2022


Workers at Gulfstream's Georgia facility

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Largest Aerospace Manufacturers and Suppliers in Georgia

  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., 9,700 workers
  • Delta TechOps Division, 6,643 workers
  • Lockheed Martin, 5,000 workers
  • Meggitt Polymers & Composites, 1,100 workers
  • Columbus Forge, 1,000 workers
  • Triumph Aerostructures-Vought Aircraft, 750 workers
  • Pratt & Whitney, 700 workers
  • Northrop Grumman, 676 workers
  • JAC Products, 460 workers
  • Aircraft Service International Group, 450 workers

Recent Aerospace Locations in Georgia

Over the last five years, aerospace developments in the state have sustained their momentum. Companies that are either involved in the manufacturing of aircraft, or suppliers to those manufacturers, continue to recognize all that Georgia has to offer in supporting aerospace. New locations and announced expansions are listed in the table to the left.

Pratt & Whitney to Add Another 500 Jobs at Columbus Facility

With its third expansion in less than six years, this looks to be Pratt & Whitney's biggest investment in Columbus yet. In February of 2017, the manufacturer announced its intentions to invest nearly $400 million into its Columbus plant. The latest investment in its factory, where the company designs and manufactures service aircraft engines and auxiliary power units, will create an additional 500 jobs by 2022.

Source: "Pratt & Whitney Continuously Expands in Columbus," GDEcD press release, 2.01.2017



Jobs at Aerospace-Related Facilities

In Georgia with 25+ Employees (GPC C&ED, 2022)


Aerospace-Related Facilities in Georgia

With 25+ Employees (GPC C&ED, 2021)


Workers in Aerospace Products and Parts

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Georgia is at the Center of the Thriving Southeastern Aerospace Industry

Georgia is an aerospace leader in both the nation and region.

  • Among Southeastern states, Georgia ranks first in exports of aircraft and aircraft engines and parts
  • Over 23,000 civilian workers at four Air Force bases
  • Georgia's universities received over $1 billion in R&D for aerospace-related fields, far surpassing the universities of other states

Georgia has one of the largest supplies of skilled labor in aerospace-related occupations. With more than 216,000 workers holding occupations the aerospace industry needs, the state's workforce can meet the needs of any business in the aerospace industry.

Aerospace Manufacturing in Your Community

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