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Information and Communication Technology

Atlanta: A top technology hub

Why Atlanta for Information and Communication Technology

The state’s robust technology talent pipeline, existing industry and massive innovation ecosystem make Georgia the perfect place for information and communications technology companies.

Atlanta's strengths:

  • Strong population growth
  • Abundant millennial talent
  • Diverse
  • World-class universities
  • HOPE scholarship
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Thriving business environment
  • Stellar transportation infrastructure
  • World’s most traveled airport
  • Business-friendly

Atlanta Leads


City in the U.S. for IoT technologies

70% +

Share of U.S. credit card processing


Cybersecurity companies in Georgia

Recent Information and Communication Technology Company Announcements

Information and Communication Technology businesses and companies with significant technology functions continue to locate and expand in Georgia. One reason is the strength of Georgia's highly talented and diverse workforce. Over the last six years, these companies have created more than 21,000 new jobs in Georgia.

Atlanta Increasingly Recognized as a Highly Diverse Global Technology Hub

"Atlantans always knew they’d be shaping the future. As the city’s tech scene grows to rival its prowess in entertainment, the rest of the world is catching on."

"Places of the Future, Where is the Future of Work" Center for the Future of Work, Cognizant, 2021

The New Push for Corporate Diversity Comes with an Atlanta Address

"In recent years, companies have moved their headquarters out of the suburbs and downtown to court younger workers. Now more companies are adding new office footprints as a way to recruit ethnically diverse talent, too. Atlanta, in particular, has drawn a number of boldfaced names, many in tech."

Wall Street Journal, March 20, 2021

Airbnb will build a new tech hub in Atlanta

Airbnb will build a new tech hub in a less-hyped city: Atlanta. The company chose Atlanta for its future growth for one explicit reason: Atlanta's diverse and creative talent.

"To get those levels, you just have to start to do things differently. You have to start to think about how you are going to be able to

recruit and attract that younger talent. We just felt incredibly strongly that we needed to have a presence in a place like Atlanta because there is a pool that exists right now."

Chris Lehane, Seniro Vice President for Global Policy and Communications, Airbnb

Microsoft confirms Atlanta as major East Coast hub, a catalyst for Westside revitalization

In early 2021, Microsoft committed to one of the most significant investments of any company in Atlanta in recent memory, one that could ripple through the local economy for years. Microsoft’s Atlanta hub could rival one of its largest outside its Seattle area headquarters. Microsoft President Brad Smith told Atlanta Business Chronicle the expansion will create “top tier” jobs in computer science, data science and software development.

Brad Smith, President Microsoft

Source: Atlanta Business Chronicle, February 2021

Atlanta's Technology Workforce

Businesses moving to and growing in Atlanta have access to affordable, diverse and well educated technology talent.

  • Nearly 40% of the Atlanta MSA population has a bachelor’s degree or higher compared to the U.S. overall at 33%.
  • Atlanta ranks 8th in the number of young professionals (ages 25- 34) with a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Metro Atlanta’s median age is 36.5, below the national average of 38.5.

Atlanta's technology talent may be grouped into four broad categories:

  • Computer services jobs including: Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer User Support Specialists, Computer Systems Analysts, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Computer Network Specialists, Computer Network Architects, Database Administrators, Computer and Information Research Scientists and Computer Occupations all Other
  • Software engineering jobs including: Software Development, Applications, Software Development, Systems, Web Developers, Computer Programmers
  • Computer hardware and electrical engineering jobs including: Computer hardware engineers and electrical engineers
  • Information security jobs including: Information Security Analysts

Pipeline of Talent: Area colleges and universities provide an exceptional workforce with more than 24,000 graduates in information technology related disciplines over the last five years in Computer Science, Software Engineering and other technology programs.

Atlanta Talent


Workers in Technology Occupations

EMSI, 2021


5-Year Growth in Technology Grads



IT regional graduates over last 5 years


Explore Your Workforce

Communities throughout Georgia are rich in technology talent. Discover detailed information about high-tech workers close to home.

Atlanta: An Affordable, Talent-Rich Technology Market

With an overall cost of doing business index of 89.5, Atlanta is one of the most cost-effective locations in the country. The affordable business climate and strong tech talent pipeline make it easier for employers to hire the skilled workforce essential for success.

The chart to the right displays Atlanta's competitive position relative to other top U.S. metros for information and communication technology talent. Located in the lower left quadrant signifying low cost of doing business and fewer days needed to hire talent, Atlanta is the most affordable location for business and has one of the lowest average days to hire within this peer group. Atlanta, Seattle, Washington D.C., New York and San Francisco were named Elite Technology Hubs in 2018 by Forrester Research in its "2018 U.S. Tech Talent Hotspots."

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