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Top 50 Economic Developers Award Winner!

Brenda Robbins recognized with national honor

Each year, Consultant Connect asks economic developers and site selection consultants to nominate individuals that they believe represent the best in the business. This year - for the third year - our own Brenda Robbins was awarded one of these top spots. Each honoree participated in a Q&A session with Consultant Connect. Get to know Brenda a little better through her conversation below.


How do you define success for yourself as a leader within your organization?

I strive to look back on each year and see that the companies we assisted achieved business results that exceeded their projections, that the consultants we supported found that we anticipated their needs and surpassed their expectations, that all our partners felt that we functioned as one team, and that internally our organization identified and implemented new services to meet our clients’ needs.

As you look to the future, what do you feel will be the most important thing for communities and economic developers to focus on?

I believe we must implement education and workforce development initiatives that create a talent pipeline to meet the evolving needs of business while creating the possibility for prosperity for all our citizens.

Who or what most inspires you today?

I have long been inspired by the courage, grace, and words of Arthur Ashe. This quote in particular stays with me: Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

What do you think has been the key to the success of your personal leadership?

Keeping focus on the customer is paramount. I believe that when we prioritize what is best for the customer everything else falls into place and our communities, citizens, and organization reap the benefits.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to a new leader in this field?

To the full extent possible, take advantage of opportunities to interact with and learn from the site selection consulting community and other economic development professionals.