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Site Selection Tool Update to Reports

Georgia Power’s site selection tool has recently been updated with several great new reports to provide the critical property, demographic, and workforce information you need . These new reports have been completely reformatted with a newer, cleaner overall look and feel and include several new datasets and maps. With these great improvements, Georgia Power’s site selection tool will continue to be the go-to place to get the information you need to share.

There are now three report options available to help users quickly access the information they need based on their site selection process. Each report includes property data, taxes, incentives, and transportation information in addition to the following:

    • Overview Report – a one-page report that includes demographic and workforce data for the county in which the property is located. Click here to see an example.
    • Detail Report – a two-page report that includes demographic, workforce, industry, and occupation mix from EMSI. Results are based on user-defined distances or drive times from the property. You can only run 10 properties at one time for this report because of the file size and processing time. Click here to see an example.
    • Thumbnail Report - a condensed view of property data, taxes, incentives, and transportation information. Click here to see an example.

More About the Site Selection Tool's Reporting Feature

Last year, the Georgia Power Community & Economic Development research team created a tool for communities and partners to explore workforce and business data in their region for high-demand industries in Georgia. In addition to statewide reports highlighting these industries, users can now explore their presence in their local areas.

By searching for counties, metro areas, state regions, or simply choosing a drive time or radius from a point, users can identify the occupations and median wages for a selected industry in their area, as well as a listing of businesses in the region.

The Site Selection Tool is free and open to the public on our website.

As always, we welcome your feedback! If you have questions about the tools and resources available to help businesses grow, contact us today.