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Research Tool Spotlight: Target Industries


The next new research tool we're highlighting is the Target Industries search. Historically, we've always offered statewide reports about a select group of industries that Georgia tries to recruit: auto manufacturing, metal fabrication, biosciences, food production, etc. We've had our traditional publications created as PDFs that offered a whole statewide overview. Based on feedback from community partners, we learned that they also need access to data around workforce and employers for specific industries. Being able to see that information for your area alone provides a better way for communities to tell their story.

In response to that feedback, we created a single-page web application that just would allow anyone, but especially community members, to zero in on what the target industry environment looks like in their area. You can search by an individual county, an MSA, or a custom area like a radius or drive time. Users define the geography, and the tool pulls in labor data and employer data for that area and creates a nice report.

Building Connections

Local economic development workers may not know that they can reach out to the power company and get this kind of information. Using these tools as an avenue of introduction, while simultaneously providing reports - that's one way that we can build lasting partnerships and support Georgia's growth. We also reference the Community Development manager for their region - we hope these tools serve as a conduit between the users and our community development team. If a digital tool can provide useful data AND help build relationships, then we really feel like we've succeeded.

Here's a quick snapshot of what you'll find when you get started with your search:

Click here to access the Target Industries tool.

Our team is always here to help! Click here to contact me directly, or use the sidebar links to find your Community Development Manager for additional support.