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Economic Development Week 2023

How does Georgia Power do economic development? Teamwork.

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This year, to celebrate Economic Development Week, we're proud to highlight how our team works together - and what better way to show our work than by featuring our support of the biggest economic development win in Georgia history - Hyundai Motor Group's $5.54B investment in Georgia at their first fully dedicated EV and Battery manufacturing facility.

Each day this week, we'll add another element of the story from each part of the team's perspective - from our project managers, strategic solutions team, education and workforce development professionals, and leadership.


Capital Investment



Charlie Moseley, Statewide Business Recruitment Manager


The Hyundai project is a great example of how all the individual talents and skills of our team members come together for a successful outcome. We're highlighting it for this year's Economic Development week because it's one of the best case studies showing how we work together - and we're proud of that.

Ashley Varnum, Business Recruitment Director

Ashley Varnum

We felt the project was going well, and we wanted to show the company that we truly believed that everything they needed to build the future of their company here in the US is in Georgia. We didn't have much time during the final visit, but the way the teams assembled and brought their talents to the final presentation was inspired. It feels amazing to be a part of the biggest project announcement in Georgia - it's incredibly exciting, and it's such a testimony to everyone's commitment and the definition of teamwork. When we see those 8,100 employees on the plant floor, and we see lives being changed for generations in the Savannah region, and the entire state, it just validates why we do what we do - to better the lives of our fellow Georgians and help our state grow. Most of the employees will never know who we are, or what went into this project, but we'll know - and that's why we do what we do.

Marion Phillips, Research Manager


The research team supported the local and project team with maps, so Hyundai could visualize the workforce and where they were concentrated as well as other amenities in the community including healthcare and higher education institutions. Since renewables were a large driver, we also created slides on Georgia’s renewable offering and electrification initiatives. Research also made significant contributions to the Hyundai Supplier Initiative with a presentation used on the team’s visit to Korea as well as workforce one-pagers for 8 sites in 6 counties.

Paul Schneider, Economic Development Engineer


The Hyundai project was a whirlwind of activity and was truly a perfect example of how all the Strategic Solutions teams came together to support the project.  The engineering team delivered drone footage of not only the site, but the surrounding community to help convey how awesome the Savannah region is to the selection team.  The engineering team also created a 3D rendering and video of how the site may look once developed, allowing folks to see themselves on the site as opposed to just imagining.  I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to help contribute to the amazing team that helped the project land.

Jason Coley, Coastal Region Community Development Manager


In Community Development we talk about partnerships and regionalism all the time in our communities.  The I16 JDA really put this practice to work to help Hyundai come to Coastal Georgia and I'm sure it will be a partnership that will be talked about for many years.  We are already seeing the positive effects of Hyundai coming to Georgia and it is creating many other economic development opportunities across the state.

Jamal Jessie, Workforce Development Manager


In December, Georgia Power, Savannah regional JDA, Gulf Stream, and the Georgia Port Authority collectively begin a Workforce study of the JDA region workforce with Wadley, Donovan, and Gutshaw Consulting. In January, Georgia Power worked to help identify a Workforce Director to lead the day-to-day workforce strategies.

The workforce study consists of four phases:

  • Market research over a 60-mile radius to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the labor market
  • Interviews with organizations to confirm market research findings in phase one. Twenty-five scheduled phone interviews and over fifty online surveys were sent to industries within the JDA to identify trends and commonalities in the workforce
  • Provides a workforce strategy for the region
  • Provides a talent marketing strategy

Our role is to support and provide strategic insight to both the JDA and WDGC throughout the duration of this project.  

Here's why I believe the work we do is unique. An estimated 15,000 jobs are coming to the region as a result of Hyundai and its suppliers' announcements. Having a skilled workforce is going to be critical for the success of the region. This requires a collaborative partnership between the K-12 education system, CTAE & College & Career Academy, TCSG, and the University System of Georgia (USG). 

Our educational partners ensure we have educational pathways that educate and skill students for the in-demand careers coming to the region. Georgia Power is a partner with all of our talent pool organizations across the region supporting Georgia's workers and continuing to build the workforce of the future to grow Georgia's economy.