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Coffee with Marion

Keeping up with some of our favorite people at the Georgia Experience Center

Coffee with Marion Phillips

Here at the Georgia Experience Center, we're constantly working with our partners to help businesses get ready to move to or expand in our state. How do we do that? By having an awesome team of experts. Learn more about what we're up to during our quick coffee break Q&A sessions. Let's meet Marion!

What part of town do you live in?

Midtown! I live right by the park, near Colony Square- I love being able to walk everywhere, including to work. My dog, Jackson, loves it too- he has an active social life and loves exploring the city.

What’s your current role at Georgia Power?

I’m a Senior Research Analyst. Our team provides the data behind the scenes, answering any questions that a prospect or community may have regarding workforce, demographics, data visualization, anything like that.

Describe economic development in Georgia in two words:

True partnerships.

Tell us your favorite part of your job.

My job is incredibly rewarding. I love that I'm having a positive impact on the people who live and work in Georgia and doing work I love at the same time.

Favorite place in Georgia to get away to?

Definitely North Georgia because I love vineyards- not only are they beautiful, the wine is pretty good!

What about outside Georgia?

I love to travel internationally, so anywhere I haven't been before could be next. So far Rio and Positano have been favorites - I love the combination of mountains and ocean together.

What was your very first job?

I was actually a canvasser - one of those people who stop you on the street in DC and ask you to support an organization. I only worked there until it got really cold outside.

What do you love about Georgia?

Georgia has so much to offer. You can have a true urban experience, and then you have these amazing small towns with classic town squares and thriving main streets. You have mountains, coast, beautiful south Georgia farms, and then smaller big cities like Columbus, Macon, Augusta. No matter who you are, there is somewhere in Georgia where you feel at home.

What are you watching right now?

Ooooh, Mindhunter on Netflix.

What are you most excited about when you come into work?

I’m excited because I never know what might happen that day. We could be working with a community to improve a downtown, or working on a big project that might come to Georgia, or just being around my amazing coworkers.

Go-to karaoke song?

Anything from the Jagged Little Pill album!