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Indoor Agriculture

Innovative Agriculture Grows in Georgia

Georgia is at the heart of the super-charged Southeast. With its economic vitality fueled by robust population growth and a pro-business climate, Georgia is an attractive destination for businesses, including pioneers in indoor agriculture. Home to 680 food processing companies and 50,000 farms, which together account for $26 billion in GDP, Georgia has an exceptional agricultural and food production infrastructure. These resources, when applied toward the establishment and nurturing of a new indoor agriculture industry cluster, will benefit the indoor agriculture operations that make Georgia home.


Georgia’s Annual Food & Beverage Export


Number of Farms in Georgia

Why Georgia for Indoor Agriculture?

  • Growing population center with strong buying power
  • Robust and established agriculture industry
  • Excellent accessibility to market and transportation infrastructure
  • Abundant and affordable workers
  • World-class research and development resources
  • Clean, safe, reliable and affordable electricity
  • Available buildings suitable for indoor agriculture enterprises