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A Global Leader for Corporate Headquarters

Magic is made in Atlanta.

Metro Atlanta put the chicken sandwich on the map (Chick-fil-A) along with the world’s most popular beverage (Coca-Cola) to wash it down. The legendary Waffle House was cooked up here, too, and continues to help FEMA gauge disaster recovery. And one of the region’s own took grilling to a whole new level when the Big Green Egg took over the outdoor cooking scene. But Atlanta doesn't just do food and beverage.

The innovative minds here and across the state were also the first to give women the opportunity to obtain degrees (Wesleyan College in Macon) and the first to give women full property rights. And Atlanta invented the 24-hour news cycle when Ted Turner launched CNN and changed the way the world received information forever. Let's not forget that the region also gave us the first internet bank (Security First Network Bank).

Atlanta means business for any company–from innovative startups to corporate power players. The city in the forest. Business meets nature. Culture and grit. We’ve got it all, and we can’t wait to see what you’re bringing to the mix.

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