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Community Key Performance Indicators

Navigating the Numbers

Georgia's communities have been impacted by COVID-19 in many ways. The data and information available is ever-changing and overwhelming to sift through. Our team has compiled relevant data from some of the most reliable sources to help you track key indicators of COVID-19 and how it is impacting your community. As always, we're here to support Georgia's communities as they continue to power on.

Know Where It Is

Tracking the virus

Be Prepared

Vulnerability Index

  • Holistic Community Vulnerability – The Surgo Foundation's comprehensive index leverages the CDC’s existing index for regular disaster vulnerability and adds metrics particular to COVID-19, such as hospital capacity in particular communities, rates of health coverage, and vulnerable populations (seniors, underlying health conditions, etc.) The data is available at state, county, and census tract level.
  • The COVID-19 Economic Vulnerability Index - Chmura's vulnerability index is a measurement of the negative impact that the coronavirus crisis can have on employment based upon a region’s mix of industries. The data is available at the MSA and county level.

Impact To Your Workforce

Industry Impact

  • GDOL's Business Layoff and Closure Listing - See which businesses in your community have closed or laid off workers. Data is available by county and regularly updated.
  • Economists at IHS Markit mapped the country by share of total employment in at-risk industries. Georgia's percentage, 33.6%, is only slightly than the national average of 32.7%. At-risk industries include leisure and hospitality, retail trade, durable manufacturing, administrative/temporary services, and mining.

Unemployment Claims

Unemployment Claims can be used to track the real-time effects of COVID-19 on your community and the local economy. Between February and March, counties across Georgia saw a substantial increase in unemployment claim filings. See the map below for insight into the the impact on your community's employment.

Unemployment Claims data also shows us which industries are being hit the hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. The chart below displays unemployment insurance claims by industry by week. Accommodation and Food Services, which includes hotels and restaurants, has experienced the most workforce loss, followed by Health Care and Social Assistance, Retail Trade, Administrative and Support Services, and Manufacturing.

The chart below provides unemployment claims data by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs's regions. Due to the large concentration of population, the Atlanta Region saw the most unemployment filings. Additionally, regions with a high percentage of employment in the at-risk industries mentioned above such as Northwest with manufacturing and Coastal with tourism saw higher unemployment claims.