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A historic year in Georgia, USA

Georgia continues to soar as 2022 comes to close

2022 was a historic year in Georgia. From announcing the largest economic development project in the State’s history, to supporting rural economies through entrepreneurship – our team was stretched to think differently and reach new heights. We did all that while keeping focus on the core of what we do - working with our partners and communities to help grow Georgia through attracting industry, developing communities, and growing talent.

By working alongside our communities, we are happy to announce that we were able to bring *44,800+ new jobs and $26.7 billion dollars in investment to the state. Our Learning Power Education Program surpassed over one million K-12 students with STEM based lessons. And we’re already planning some exciting new programs to support the talent pipeline and strengthen our existing workforce.

We can’t wait to see what next year holds as we build off of a record-breaking year.

*Total jobs and capital investment estimates from project announcements made in partnership with the State of Georgia Department of Economic Development. These may not include all projects and are subject to change as yearly totals continue to be reported from businesses.