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7Factor Develops Coronavirus Screening App That Provides Greater Sense of Security

Georgia Grown Tech Company, 7Factor, shifted its main focus to immediately respond to Coronavirus concerns by developing a screening app called WellEntry.

7Factor Founder and CEO, Jeremy Duvall and Chief Product Officer, Justin Cullifer chat with Georgia Power's Community Development Manager, Brooke Perez.

Hear Brook, Jeremy, and Justin discuss starting the company, going global from right here in Georgia, and making the decision to jump to action when they see a major pain point that they can solve.

Morningstar Children's Home (Brunswick, Georgia) employees can pre-check before coming into work using the WellCheck app developed by 7Factor. As you can imagine, this provides an extra sense of relief for everyone. Employees feel confident that they are coming to a safe working environment.

See this great technology in action!