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Why you need to keep South Metro Atlanta on your radar

The team at Georgia Power Community & Economic Development discusses growth in the region with local communities.

“If the City of Jonesboro had two arms, one would be Jonesboro and the other Georgia Power. When we both connected and shook hands, we were able to continue to effect change for every last individual that travels through this community.”

Ricky L. Clark, Jr., Jonesboro City Manager

The Metro Region of Atlanta, Georgia is brimming with diverse talent and industry. Innovation is in abundance in our business hub, home to 15 Fortune 500 headquarters and the world's busiest, and most efficient airport. Within the metro, local communities thrive and shine - including South Metro.

We recently visited with Ricky L. Clark, Jr., Jonesboro City Manager, and all-around inspirational human, to talk about the developments going on in the city. So many exciting updates! South Metro Community Development Manager, Shar'ron W. Russell, MBA, helped lead a tour of the region to showcase the advancement in the region she calls home.

Our team is all about solid partnerships, and having passionate economic developers growing our communities is constantly inspiring. Watch the video below to learn more.