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Humans of Atlanta (in Austin)

We caught up with some Atlanta folks hanging out at the ChooseATL House at SXSW this year and asked what makes Atlanta so special to them. Check out their responses below.

"This shirt represents that growing up in Atlanta, kids can aspire to be anything they want to be. I grew up with these names and now they're inspiring a whole new generation."

-Richard Dunn, The Richard Dunn Group

"I came to Atlanta from New York City forty years ago, and found that it is the greatest city in the entire world. I truly believe that cosmic forces brought me here - it is the birthplace of ideas. I’m here for a premiere of a film we made called One Life, about saving the planet."

-Joey Reiman, Brand New World Studios

"We love ATL because of the hospitality and the culture. We're here from Halifax with 902HipHop, so the partnership with Atlanta just makes sense."

-Melissa MacMaster, Foundr & Owner, 902HipHop

"I'm working on a brand new podcast division right here in Atlanta - so excited to talk about everything that’s happening in Atlanta's creative community and what kind of stories can we tell right from the heart of our awesome city."

-Jason Hoch, Imperative Entertainment

"I'm the co-founder of Georgia Music Partners. We're working to grow the music economy in Atlanta. Our mission is to help Georgia’s music industry grow to become one of the country’s biggest and best, which promotes both job growth and culture in our state. It's an exciting cause. We're merging art, sciences, and business and we've got some big things in the works."

-Tammy Hurt, Georgia Music Partners

"I'm a restaurant and retail broker. I love Atlanta's diversity. It's an invigorating time for Atlanta right now. I just talked about the BeltLine for an hour! I'm really excited about West End trail coming soon. I've been here 19 years and it just gets better."

-Lily Heimburger, SRS Real Estate Partners

"Anything is possible in Atlanta. I've been here for my entire life, and the city just keeps getting bigger and better but still has the feeling."

-Brandon Butler, Dagger Agency