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Food Processing

State's Top Manufacturing Sector Feeds Regional Growth

Georgia’s food processing industry ranks sixth in the U.S., accounting for one quarter of the state’s GSP to supply the nation’s fastest-growing region.

“Banks County, Georgia is the best partner for our new manufacturing plant and research and development facility in North America. Setting up a new facility in the U.S. is a key milestone in our company development, allowing us to stay closer to our customers with access to high quality local and sustainable sourcing.”

Yannick Riou, President, Diana Food

Half of the country’s top 100 food processing companies call Georgia home, including The Coca-Cola Company, Pilgrim’s and Kellogg. Frito-Lay’s Perry plant is one of the company’s largest production facilities, employing 1,400 and cooking 1 million pounds of potatoes daily. This facility keeps us crunching on 300 million pounds of snacks per year.

Cultivate Success with Georgia’s Agribusiness Advantage

Local food processing is bolstered by Georgia’s leading industry: agribusiness. With more than 50,000 farms scattered across the state, abundant raw materials are close by and competitively priced.


Exporter of Poultry & Peanuts


Food Processing Companies

Behind the Industry Boom

Access Affordable, Abundant Labor

With 6.4 million working-age residents, Georgia has a reliable food-manufacturing workforce with low turnover. A right-to-work state with one of the lowest manufacturing unionization rates, the cost of labor is competitive.

Team Up to Nurture Growth

Whether you’re opening a new facility or expanding your plant, partner with Georgia’s universities, research institutes and technical colleges to get up and running fast. Collaborate on everything from technology solutions to workforce training to stay ahead of the competition.

Fast, Efficient Product Distribution

Access to 12 major distribution centers, 60+ warehouses, more than 100 freight carriers and an advanced transportation network with extensive rail and highway systems gives you excellent access to the nation’s fastest-growing region.

Innovative Solutions for a Competitive Edge

Tap into technical industry expertise, access university research and connect with key collaborators at Georgia’s Center of Innovation for Agribusiness. Companies like Muscadine Products Corporation attribute their success to this key resource.

After partnering with the Center of Innovation to analyze grape skins and seeds left over from juice production, MPC discovered anti-inflammatory benefits and catapulted their business to include dietary supplements, concentrates and powders. See how the COI can help you compete on a global level.