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Energy Intensive Manufacturing

A Powerful Place for Manufacturing

Georgia’s manufacturing surge leads the Southeast. In the past decade, chemical manufacturing exports have increased 70.1%, while plastics and rubber have soared 85.5%.

Proximity to one of the country’s largest electrical providers provides confidence that you’ll have access to reliable and affordable electricity when you need it. Our state's natural gas resources include the Southeast’s largest natural gas utility – Atlanta Gas Light. Georgia’s energy partners give energy-intensive manufacturers a competitive edge when powering up your plant.

Resources that Generate Greater Output at Lower Costs

It costs less to manufacture in Georgia, from reliable natural gas and electricity at competitive rates to lower-than-average wages.

15,274 MW

Georgia Power Generating Capacity


Interstate Gas Pipelines

Behind the Industry Boom

Energy You Can Count On

Whether your manufacturing process requires electricity or natural gas – or both – Georgia’s utilities can give you what you need, reliably and affordably. Here at Georgia Power, we pride ourselves on providing highly reliable power at costs that are below the national average.

Quality Labor for Less

Highly skilled and affordable, Georgia’s abundant workforce makes it easy to staff up with technically trained talent. A right-to-work state since 1947, Georgia boasts the lowest private manufacturing union membership rates in the nation.

High-Tech Talent Pipeline

Top-ranked Georgia Tech produces 2,000 graduates per year with skills in the chemical, plastic and rubber manufacturing industries. Twenty-two technical colleges also produce pre-qualified workers to meet your needs in diverse manufacturing sectors.

Move Products to Markets Faster

Unsurpassed accessibility ensures that your products are never far from any market. Two major rail systems, a pair of prominent ports and the world’s busiest airport give you a logistical advantage for getting goods to both domestic and international destinations.

Next-Level Research & Development

Georgia’s R&D resources in the manufacturing industry keep you ahead of the curve. Team up with the state’s well-funded research universities to take innovative technologies from the lab to the factory floor. The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) supports $100 million in research annually for more than 200 clients. Get direct access to academic expertise and cutting-edge equipment through Georgia Tech’s Manufacturing Institute (GTMI).