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"We are proud to manufacture tires for North America, in North America. This plant, and the people who work in it, play an important role in supporting consumers and our dealers as the demand for our products continues to grow.”

Jim Hawk, President, Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing, Inc.

The Engine of the Southeast’s Automotive Corridor

A central location in the Southern Auto Corridor provides easy access to suppliers and assembly plants for efficient, just-in-time manufacturing and quick turnaround times.

From Kia’s expanding $1-billion manufacturing plant to brake pad manufacturer, Nisshinbo's $72-million expansion and the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and most recently, Groupe PSA, Georgia auto companies get a competitive edge from a prime location in the epicenter of the region’s auto manufacturing boom, with close proximity to a canvas of manufacturers.

Shift Into Gear Faster

When you’re ready to ramp up production, Georgia’s pool of 311,000 highly skilled, hard-working production workers are trained and ready to work. A right-to-work state, Georgia also has below-average wages and one of the lowest unionization rates in the nation. This gives you the flexibility to maximize your workforce and ensure that you have the right team in place to succeed.


Automotive Workers Employed


Unionization Rate

Behind the Industry Boom

Custom-Built Workforce Solutions

Our state will work with you to create a customized program to help recruit, train and hire just the right workforce. Keep up with production surges and emerging technology with Georgia’s customized training resources. With programs like Quick Start and partnerships with Georgia’s technical colleges, a customized workforce is available whenever and wherever you need it, so you can stay flexible and adaptable. With the help of Quick Start, Toyo Tires trained 400 workers for its new plant and achieved profitability in just 18 months.

Streamline Your Supply Chain

Georgia’s unsurpassed transportation infrastructure saves you time and money by helping you get the components and materials you need quickly. Respond to customers fast and deliver end products in a flash on Georgia’s unmatched transportation network. Beyond the nation’s fastest growing port and world’s busiest airport, the state is connected by 4,700 miles of rail and 118,777 miles of public highway.

Stay Connected Overseas

Consular and trade offices with access to 70 foreign governments support international businesses like North Georgia’s cluster of European suppliers. Need to get back to home office fast? ATL offers direct flights to 70 international destinations in 50 countries.

Power Up Your Plant

Building a new automotive facility in Georgia? You may have the opportunity to choose your electricity supplier, compliments of Customer Choice. As the state’s premier electrical provider, Georgia Power is here to meet your needs. We support the automotive industry with experience, reliability and low-cost power from diverse sources.