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Sarah Carnes

Research Analyst

"My family has called Georgia home for nearly 10 generations, so I know a thing or two about why people love our state – and, yes, the sweet tea and barbecue make the cut."

- Sarah Carnes

Sarah Carnes is the newest addition to the Georgia Power C&ED Research Team. As a research analyst, she provides business intelligence to prospective Georgia companies, helping them make informed decisions about their new location or expansion. Sarah adds value to the team’s already priceless data resources by incorporating data visualization techniques, like the use of infographics, interactive maps and Tableau.

You might say that Sarah was literally born to work in Community and Economic Development. Her mother is the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Cherokee County, Georgia, so she’s been immersed in the world of community growth for her entire life. As a child, Sarah loved spending time at the Chamber, eagerly doing any small jobs they’d give her. She even made her own business cards -- in 7th grade.

Sarah attended The University of Georgia for undergrad and is a 2017 Georgia Tech grad with a Masters in City Planning working to positively impact Georgia communities. She's especially grateful when she gets to collaborate with people she met years ago through the Chamber (and is able to hand them an updated business card). And it’s not the only dream she’s achieved lately -- Sarah become one of the youngest Certified Economic Research Professionals in 2018.

At home in Midtown Atlanta, Sarah spends her free time testing new recipes, enjoying the city’s walkability with her husband Brody, and of course, making mom proud.