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Rosa Jupiter

CRM Administrator

“From research to current IT role, data plays such a significant and exciting part of what I do every day. I enjoy extracting meaningful data to support my group’s long-term operational goals.”

- Rosa Jupiter

Rosa Jupiter is a fervent believer in the power of data, and is using it to its fullest potential. Her work to improve data visualization has been transformative in Georgia Power’s efforts to tell the story of why Georgia is the best state for business. While on the research team, Rosa sought creative ways of communicating meaningful insights to prospective businesses, becoming a pioneer in implementing new technologies adopted by the group. Extracting more impactful stories using cutting edge data visualization tools requires a strong focus on data, prompting Rosa’s recent move from senior research analyst to CRM manager.

After earning a Master’s degree in urban policy planning from Georgia State University, Rosa’s career with Georgia Power Community & Economic Development began in 2004 with an internship. She also completed an internship with Central Atlanta Progress to assist with downtown revitalization efforts. Rosa went back to Georgia Power as full-time employee until she found it hard to say no to an opportunity to live abroad for a few years. With a few years of basic German knowledge and few thousand miles traveled under her belt, Rosa found herself in familiar territory back at Georgia Power. Her passion of Georgia inspires her work, truly living by the Georgia Power mission – being a citizen wherever you serve.

Rosa resides in Brookhaven and describes it as the best of both worlds -young, vibrant energy with great food everywhere. And since she's originally from Ecuador, where her most of her family still lives, easy access to Latino shops in the area is a huge plus. Rosa is an accomplished salsa dancer, and recently fulfilled her dream of visiting Cuba to dance and learn from the locals. Rosa also travels around the country, attending salsa festivals, sharing moves learned with anyone who will listen. On occasion, she’ll give a spontaneous lesson around the office listening to her favorite Cuban bands.