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Education & Workforce Development Team

Want to Meet Tomorrow’s Talent Pool? You Already Have.

When a school bus passes by with rows of hands waving “hello” through the windows, you’re being greeted by the workforce of the future. Those hands belong to the boys and girls who will develop world-changing technology, accomplish cutting-edge research and build yet-to-be-imagined modes of transportation. At Georgia Power, we partner with schools all over Georgia to be sure they’re prepared for and aware of the jobs of tomorrow.

Through our Learning Power program, our team of 16 education experts provide in-class and online experiences for teachers, students and parents that get them excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). We also make sure that kids of all ages understand how electricity impacts their daily lives and how to be lifelong consumers who use it safely and efficiently. And it brightens up our day when a student is inspired to, one day, be a part of providing energy to the world. In fact, our Workforce Development team helps equip teachers to talk to their students about future careers in the energy industry as well.